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Sweet Talk with the Sweet Sixteens: May 3rd

Welcome to Week Eighteen of Sweet Talk with the Sweet Sixteens! To see more details about Sweet Talk as well as previous posts, see the introduction post. Thanks to Charlene (Bookish Whimsy), for designing the banner and button for Sweet Talk.

Today, I'm featuring the authors and books publishing during the week of May 3rd!

The Questions:

1. Describe your debut novel in sixteen words.
2. Pitch your book! For fans of _____, _____ meets _____, etc.
3. What are you working on now – is it related to your debut novel?

The Authors:

Erin L. Schneider, Author of Summer of Sloane

1. Betrayed by her ex-boyfriend and BFF, Sloane grapples with learning forgiveness over a summer in Hawaii. 

2. For fans of Sarah Ockler and Jandy Nelson, with a little Stephanie Perkins, and Huntley Fitzpatrick thrown in for good measure!

3. No plans as of right now, but a companion novel to SLOANE might be fun! I am working on a new YA contemporary that I've been anxious to write for a while though. 

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Nanci Turner Steveson, Author of Swing Sideways

1. Two girls learn over one magical summer how secrets, bravery and forgiveness change their lives forever. 

2. If you loved Jess and Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia, you'll love Annie and California and the unlikely friendship they form during one unforgettable summer on a farm in upstate New York. 

3. Another stand alone middle grade novel about a 12 year old girl from Atlanta, Georgia who goes to live in rural Vermont for one year on the farm left to her by the father she never knew. GEORGIA RULES is scheduled to be release summer 2017.

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Ashley Herring Blake, Author of Suffer Love

1. Two teens from families in shambles find each other. But fate has some very interesting plans.

2. For fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han meets Shakespeare.

3. I'm working on what I hope will be my third novel. It's a stand alone, as is SUFFER LOVE and my second novel, HOW TO MAKE A WISH, which will be out in spring of 2017.

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Harriet Reuter Hapgood, Author of The Square Root of Summer

1. A weird British book about love, grief and the spacetime continuum with a smorgasbord of boys, baking and kittens.

2. Time Traveller's Wife meets The Sky Is Everywhere. With kittens.

3. Another standalone contemporary-with-a-world-bending twist. I'm researching meteorology, black magic and 90s teen TV.

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The Books:



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Other Sweet Sixteens Books Publishing This Week:


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  1. I have all of these books on my TBR, but I am really, really excited about The Square Root of Summer.

  2. It is a toss up between Square Root of Summer and Suffer Love. I've seen quite a few great posts with Suffer Love lately and am intrigued by it.

  3. Square Root of Summer and Summer of Sloane!!!

  4. Suffer Love sounds interesting!

  5. I'm looking forward to Suffer Love!

  6. All of these look so good!! I'm really looking forward to Summer of Sloane, Square Root of Summer, and Suffer Love.

  7. I love reading these posts each week. <3 Hugs. Not really any books for me, hih, but they do look so so cute :D

  8. This week's hard! So many sounds good! Summer of Sloane, Square Root of Summer, Summer Love, The Way Back to You, The Girl of Ink & Stars...o, do I have to pick one? Thanks!

  9. I'm looking forward to the Square Root o summer.

  10. I'm looking forward to The Square Root of Summer 😊 thank you so much for the opportunity 😊

  11. So many books to add to my TBR list!


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