Monday, March 1, 2021

Unboxing: FairyLoot Deluxe Set of The Ember Quartet by Sabaa Tahir

 Hello, bibliovories! I'm back with an unboxing post! In the last year and a half, I've subscribed to three book subscription boxes - Illumicrate, The Bookish Box, and FairyLoot. One day I'll write a whole post on each company and what I like and dislike about them. Maybe I'll start posting unboxings of the monthly boxes for each company. But today, I'd like to share my unboxing of the first special edition set of books that I've bought from one of the many book subscription boxes - the signed Ember Quartet by Sabaa Tahir, created and sold by FairyLoot!

Here's the box!

Time to open...

What's the print on the top?

This is beautiful! Gold foil is one of my favorite designs. And all of the major characters of the book are here. I love that Elias and Laia are prominent.

Here is the set! Orange, blue, green, and purple. I love the animal symbols are the bottom of each spine.

Pretty sprayed spines!

More pretty spines!

The gorgeous stenciled design! So beautiful!

You thought I was done? Above is the hidden cover of Ember.

And Torch...

How about Reaper...

And Sky!

Did I mention that the books are signed?

And altogether:

And that's the set! It was a pretty penny, but absolutely worth it. I love this series so much, and I love this deluxe exclusive set so much. Many thanks to FairyLoot and Sabaa Tahir, for making this set available to readers for purchase!