Review Policy

Review status: CLOSED (still trying to dig myself of the NetGalley/Edelweiss hole...)

***HOWEVER. Please feel free to send me an email with your review or beta reading request. I just may not accept the request. BUT, I promise you that I WILL read your email and consider your request***

Hello and thank you for your interest in my blog! Please read through my review policy before contacting me for a review of your book.

I read in the age levels of:

- Middle Grade
- Young Adult
- "New Adult"
- Adult (Absolutely NO erotica)

I read any of the following genres:

- Fantasy
- Paranormal
- Contemporary
- Dystopia
- Thriller
- Mystery
- Science Fiction
- Horror (occasionally)

***NO major LGBTQ or religious topics***

I am sorry, but they are not for me. If your book contains any of that, please be upfront with me when requesting a review. Or do not submit a review request for your book. I reserve the right to turn down ANY request, but I will most likely turn down any request with LGBTQ and/or religious content. 

Please understand that this inclination denotes my READING PREFERENCES. I don't want anyone to be offended by this, and I hope I have not.

Reading and Posting Reviews:

I will read one book within a week of receiving it, and the review will be posted within two weeks of receiving the book. I post reviews on:

- This blog
- Amazon
- Goodreads
- Barnes and Noble 
- Smashwords (if applicable)

My reviews will always be an honest reflection of the book. The review will consist of my thoughts alone, and no one else's. If you want me to review your book, please expect me to dislike your book or like your book. Either is possible. If the rating I give your book is low, it is because this is my honest opinion of the book.
I do not sell my reviews, nor do I sell the books that I am sent. I do not share files of e-copies of books that I am sent. I do not plagiarize.


Publishers, publicists, and authors may quote me. If possible, please let me know.

Beta Reading:

Authors - I have beta-read in the past. I beta-read for Nicole Sobon (for her dystopia, Submerged), and for Patty Blount (for her novel, TMI). I MAY accept requests to beta-read your novel. Special consideration goes to authors of traditional publishing, but I never leave out my indie authors. As a beta reader, I will never release any of your content to the public, not even snippets or swoons. I will treat you and your book with the utmost respect and confidentiality.   

As a beta reader, I will read your novel and identify plot holes, character developments (or lack of), inconsistencies, and my favorite - grammar errors. I am a grammar champion, and I will go through every line of your book fastidiously in order to ensure that your book is as free of grammar mistakes as possible (that I see; I'm not a professional). Honestly, proof-reading is one of my favorite parts of reading in general!

I will send you feedback as quickly as possible without publicizing my opinions. If I ask, you may send me the novel again to beta-read OR to review, OR both.

Should you want me to beta-read your novel, please treat such in the same manner as a review request (in terms of how you structure the request), but please make the distinction between beta-reading and review request.

To reiterate: the same policies apply with beta-reading and review requests. The same things about genres, age levels, format, etc.

When you send a request to me I want:

- Title
- Author
- Publishing company
- Release date
- Genre(s)
- Name (if you are someone other than the author)

Do NOT send me the third book in a series, when I have not even read the first or second. If you want me to review a book, it has to be the first book in the series, a standalone, a book of which I have already read the previous books of the series, or a book of which you will also send me the previous books in the series (in this case, reading and reviewing will take longer than one to two weeks).


I can only accept the following

- Print copies

- Kindle files (.mobi)
- PDF (if absolutely necessary)

I may accept certain indie titles. I may not. I reserve the right to turn down ANY request, for whatever reason(s) I please.


Do not, under ANY circumstances, send me a book that has plagiarized content. I WILL know, and I will report you to the author of the original book and his/her publisher (if applicable). I WILL delete any promotional content on my blog involving your book, and I will automatically bring my rating of your book to 1 star, and I will bash you respectfully. 

I am NOT afraid of taking plagiarism to the public. If you have plagiarized content in your book, I WILL go on Facebook and Twitter and Amazon and Barnes and Noble and every single social media outlet that I use and I will tell the world. Plagiarism is wrong, and if I soil your name and your career because you plagiarized, I will feel no shame or pity.

Also, you can expect a blog post from me like THIS, with exhibits and evidence. 

Furthermore, do NOTsend me pirated copies of a book. I will not distribute ebooks without permission, and I will pirate and/or sell ARCs, eARCs, or copies, no matter the format of the book. 

Please email me at lilleetleet AT gmail DOT net for requests, or anything of that nature. Thank you!

*** FTC Disclaimer (or whatever it is)***

All of my reviews seen on this blog and on any sites are based on my honest opinion of the books. I do not receive compensation for my reviews, nor will I accept compensation for my reviews. Some books that I may read are from the public library, from a friend, a birthday gift, or bought by myself or someone else. Other books are sent by the publisher of the book for review, and I will state that in the book's review. I will always state the source of the book in my review.


  1. Hi, Alyssa. I tried to contact you via the email address listed above but it appears to be disabled. Is there a better way to contact you? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Sully! That email should be working! I had a slight problem with my Google accounts (Gmail, Blogger, etc.), but I just checked and the Gmail email address works :)

    2. Hmm, I keep getting this response: "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently." Oh well. Thank you for checking, though!

    3. Try lilleetleet AT verizon DOT net :)

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  3. Hello, Alyssa. How did you begin receiving books for review? I am and avid reader and recently have had to drop out of school due to medical problem and I tend to go through books very quickly right now. I have thought about seeing if I could review books such as you and others do. If you have any suggestions please let me know if you are able.
    Thank you,

    1. Try signing up for Edelweiss ( and NetGalley (, and go from there! I would build an audience on your blog, and then start looking at requesting/receiving review copies :)

    2. Cool! Thank you very much for the help.


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