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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Nil on Fire by Lynne Matson

Welcome to my stop of the Nil on Fire blog tour! This is the conclusion to this LOST-esque series. Today, Lynne Matson is saying good-bye to one of her beloved characters (he's one of my personal favorites!). And there is a giveaway!

A note from Lynne, and her farewell letter to Rives

Okay, Alyssa, before we get to the post, I have to give you some serious love and thanks! You’re part of the original #NILtribe, and I’m truly grateful for every Nil-related post, every review, every tweet, every rec you’ve shared about the Nil series over the past few years. Your time is packed and precious, and I’m so appreciative you chose to give some of your blogging (and reading!) time to my characters and the entire Nil world. So from the bottom of my author heart, THANK YOU for all you’ve done to spread the word about the Nil series! *HUGS*


Oh, and one more thing! 

A quick note to all my readers: THIS POST GUTTED ME. Oh my land, I had no idea what I was in for when Alyssa asked me to write a farewell letter to Rives. Finishing a trilogy is both bitter and sweet, and saying goodbye to Rives was HARD. I had not idea how emotional I’d get. (So thank you Alyssa for making me teary lol). I wrote this letter to Rives—the Rives you meet at the start of NIL ON FIRE, the Rives who risked his heart and found the love of his life in NIL UNLOCKED, the Rives who already survived Nil and who is desperately worried about Skye. This is the Rives I wrote to. Happy reading! 

P.S. To the #NILtribe: NIL ON FIRE is for you.

Farewell Letter to Rives

Hi Rives!

I thought I’d write you a note to say thank you. Thank you for being Thad’s wingman in NIL, and for becoming such a huge part of the Nil story that you needed not just one more book, but two. Thank you for having Charley’s back as much as you have Thad’s, and thank you for being the strongest and most vulnerable character I’ve ever written. Thank you for daring to risk your heart again in NIL UNLOCKED, and for being the perfect match—an equal—for Skye.

Which brings me to NIL ON FIRE. This is the last time you’ll hear from me before the next chapter of your story unfolds. I know Skye is a blind spot for you—or rather, your feelings for her sometimes obscure the truth; your feeling keep you from seeing things as they actually are. Please don’t forget to see the girl you fell in in love with—the strong, resilient fighter who is as selfless as you are—and as independent. Don’t let her push you away.

I know you’ll ignore my advice, and I know you’ll probably not be happy when you discover I’ve sent you back to Nil. Believe me when I tell you it was the only way. Skye agrees; she told me herself. And you won’t like the ending either, but again—it is how it must be. Keep the faith, and don’t let your blind spot grow so big you lose sight of the person standing in front of you. Skye needs you, even at the end. Especially at the end. And remember: some things aren’t meant to be seen; they are only to be felt.

Take care, Rives. Thank you for the memories, and for your role to come. Be strong. Be brave. And above all, be you. 

I wish you well. *cries*



*wipes eyes*

Alyssa—thank you for having me today! And to you and all my readers, thank you for sharing Rives and Skye’s journey with me! And the journey of all the characters in the Nil world—including Nil itself. It’s been a fun ride!

You find out the end soon…:)


[Edited to add - I love this letter so much. Thank you, Lynne! *hides under tissues*]

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About the Book:

Nil on Fire by Lynne Matson
Book Three of the Nil series
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Publication Date: May 31, 2016

Summary (from Goodreads):

Despite Rives and Skye's attempt to destroy Nil, the island remains. And back in this world, Nil won't let Skye go. Haunted by a darkness she can't ignore, Skye wrestles with Nil nightmares that worsen by the day and threaten to tear her apart. As Skye fights to keep her mind intact, she realizes that to finally break free of Nil, she must end Nil's vicious cycle once and for all--and she can't do it alone.

Who will return to Nil, and in the end, who will survive? In this thrilling final installment of the Nil series, the stakes have never been higher: everyone's fate hangs in the balance, including Nil's own--and Nil will fight to the death. When the full force of the island is unleashed, Skye faces an impossible choice, a cruel one she'd never imagined she'd have to make. Soon one Nil truth becomes painfully clear: only one side can win.

Losing isn't an option, but winning will cost Skye everything.

Perfect for fans of Lost and survivalist stories, NIL ON FIRE is a stunning conclusion to the Nil trilogy that will leave readers breathless.

Check out the rest of the series!


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  1. What a lovely post idea, Alyssa!

    And I enjoyed the letter, Lynne. Rives sounds like a great complex character and one I'd like.

  2. I NEED to read the first book! My curiosity for this series started last month, and I don't know why. I just hope I can buy it soon.
    Great post, Alyssa!

  3. What an amazing letter Lynne!! I cannot wait to read NIL on Fire! I'll be sure to have tissues on hand!!

  4. I am a sucker for a great cover and you have a couple of them. I would grab them for that reason alone. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. I've added all 3 books of the NIL series to my TBR and can't wait to get into them and read more about Rives and Skye! I haven't read many survivalist-type books but I'm definitely intrigued by it and can't wait to see what their story holds! Rives must be an amazing character to have illicited such feels! :)

  6. I haven't read NIL books yet but I want to!

  7. I read NIL last summer and enjoyed it. I would love to be able to finish the series this summer. I really liked Rives, it sounds like he gets the happy ending he deserves :)

  8. Haven't read Nil yet but it's sitting on my shelf. This is one that I purchased years ago because I was buying a lot of YA that had just released. I've read most of that haul, but not all.

  9. no I have not read Nil or Nil Unlocked, the summary for Nil on Fire sounds good

    tiramisu392 (at)

  10. Aw, lovely blog tour post Alyssa :) Thank you for sharing about this one. <3 One day I might read them.. but I did DNF book one before 50 pages, haha, so maybe not for me :p

  11. I had to read Nil after meeting Lynn at a FierceReads event. She is the absolute SWEETEST. I have yet to read the sequel but I'm excited to support such an awesome author.

  12. I've really got to start this series. It just sounds so good! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  13. *Elicited- I just realized I used the wrong spelling

  14. I have not read Nil but I really want to! This series looks interesting because the characters look like ones I could definitely get attached too 😊

  15. I haven't read any of the Nil series BUT I've wanting to! Everyone raves about it so I am curious!
    Samantha D

  16. I have read Nil and purchased both Nil and Nil Unlocked for the high school library where I work. The students love this series! Looking forward to adding the third book to our collection.

  17. I've read Nil and though I really didn't like it, I know plenty of students that will like the series. However, Nil on Fire does sound interesting.

  18. I've never read these books before! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  19. I haven't read any of the series but I would love to! It looks right up my alley!

  20. I have not read the series yet but the idea of being on an island and stuck is not something I read much about.

  21. I haven't read any of the Nil books yet, but I'd love to. The Nil books sound un-putdownable. Rives sounds like a well-developed and strong character. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. I haven't read the series yet, as by time I heard of it, I wanted to wait until this last book so I can binge read the entire series! I'm really looking forward to it! The idea has had me intrigued since I first heard about it, especially compared to Lost (which I loved btw!)

  23. Yes I have read both of them and I really enjoyed the series so far.

  24. I've read NIL and I love love loved it! Thank you so much for the chance! :-)

  25. I have not started this series yet, but it sounds amazing!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I have yet to begin this series, but it sounds interesting! Also, the covers look nice. Thanks for the chance!

  27. I love that Lynne Matson describes it as Lost meets Survivor.

  28. I haven't read this series yet but it's on my TBR!

  29. I'm so excited for NIL on Fire! I read NIL and loved it. I have a copy of NIL Unlocked, but I decided to hold off and wait for book 3 to come out before reading it.


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