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Review: His to Take by Katee Robert

His to Take by Katee Robert
Book 3.5 of the Out of Uniform series
Publisher: Brazen
Publication Date: December 7, 2015
Rating: 4 stars
Source: eARC from NetGalley

Summary (from Goodreads):

Truth or dare...

Erin Robinson is having an epically bad year. Her blossoming career on Broadway tanked, forcing her to crawl back to home to Wellington. The icing on her failure cake? Her former on-again, off-again fling is in town, and the sexy Marine is taking up way too much space.

Warren Davis always knew Erin was special, which is exactly why he can't have her. A girl like her deserves something permanent--something neither of them wants. But now that they're both back in town and she's right there in front of him, a challenge in her eyes he's never been able to resist, he's questioning everything.

That challenge quickly escalates into an epic game of Truth or Dare. Erin's sure she's got him on lock, but as the night progresses, Warren's dares intensify, drowning her in lust. But with the past still breathing down their necks, there's no way either of them can win… 

What I Liked:

This novella consisted of exactly what a good novella should consist of - engaging story, great character development despite the length of the story, and for a romance novella one or two HOT scenes. I know I can always trust Katee Robert to right a really steamy romance!

Erin Robinson is back in Wellington, unfortunately. She was fired from her job in New York, and she's also homeless. Six years ago she left Wellington with no intentions of ever coming back, yet here she is. Warren Davis knows something is up when he sees Erin for the first time in a year. The two of them share a really steamy history, but nothing beyond sex. Warren wants to change this - but is Erin looking for more as well?

This is a novella, so it's really short. It took me less than an hour to read this story. But I really enjoyed it. It takes place over two days. Erin was stood up on a date, and Warren sees her by herself. They start a game of Truth or Dare, which quickly takes a steamy turn... or several. 

Warren is exactly the type of Brazen hero that I like to read about! He's a man in uniform (a Marine, specifically!), he's confident and slightly arrogant, he's got a naughty side, but he's also sure of what he wants. He wants more from Erin, and he's got this whole plan to show her that he wants her for more than just her body. Warren is actually a really sweet and romantic guy, for all his bravado and dirty talk. I love his naughty self.

Erin is a little lost - she's employed, homeless, and seriously reconsidering everything in her life. Should she be trying to reach Broadway? Was New York, and acting, all worth it? Now back in Wellington, Erin isn't sure she believes in herself. But Warren's belief in her means a lot more than she realizes. I love how temperamental and tenacious Erin is - she's also one of those people that rushes into thinks, that puts both feet forward. She's a unique girl, and a likable one.

Warren and Erin have a lot of growing to do, as does their relationship. I love how short and simple this story was, yet how much ground Katee Robert covered in such limited page count. The progression of the relationship was well-written, and it didn't hurt that Warren and Erin already had history!

The romance was also VERY steamy. Warren and Erin have great chemistry. You can count on Robert to write really hot novels! This book is short so there aren't too many steamy scenes, but the ones that are present are really good.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! I love this series, and this novella was a great addition.

What I Did Not Like:

Obviously I wish this book could have been longer! But it's a novella, so technically I shouldn't complain because it's SUPPOSED to be short. But still!

Would I Recommend It:

If you love Katee Robert's books (which you should), give this novella a shot! If you haven't read anything by Katee Robert (but you're a romance fan)... you need to reevaluate your life! Her Brazen novels are really great, as well as the O'Malley's series, possibly my favorite of hers!


4 stars. I usually don't care for novellas, but I liked this one. I'll read anything Katee Robert writes, and it's no surprise that I enjoyed this story.

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  1. This sounds good and I need a few quick reads since the schedule is busy right now. I like when a novella has some development so I don't get too disappointed over the length.

    1. This one was very short, but in a good way! Definitely good for your schedule (it worked out for me, I had to read something super quickly and get the review out!).

  2. Awesome review Alyssa :D I'm so glad you liked this novella a lot. Yay for steamy :D Sounds like an interesting book, hope I'll want to read it one day. <3 I adore reading your reviews sweetie. <3

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like my romance reviews - especially since I know you're not a fan. You are awesome, Carina!

  3. Ooooh I like novellas when done right because you get a full story but also a quick read! I think I'll give this one a try for sure!

    1. Anything by Katee Robert, really! This one was super short, but all of her Out of Uniform books with Brazen are really good!

  4. Ohh Awesome review Alyssa I haven't read anything by this author yet but now after reading your review. I will most definitely check her out soon! Thanks for the great post Alyssa!

    1. I highly recommend any of her Brazen novels, or The Marriage Contract!

      Thank you, Katiria!


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