Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Look at 2015: Statistics and Numbers

Hi, lovely people! Happy New Year's Eve!

Like the last couple of years, I'd like to share my end-of-the-year statistics roundup with you all. 2015 was an excellent year in reading and in number!

Here are some numbers and data for 2015:

- Last book read: Tell Me You Want Me by Joya Ryan
- Total Pageviews: ~565,000 (since December 2012)
- Total blog followers (does not include Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads): 5,998
   - GFC: 1,185
   - Bloglovin: 2,117
   - Email/RSS: 559
   - Linky: 368
   - Pinterest: 518
   - Tumblr: 248
   - Google Plus: 1,003
- Goodreads friends/fans: 1,494
- Twitter: 2,541
- Facebook: 2,842
- Number of reviews in 2015: 214
- Number of 1-star reviews: 7
- Number of 2-star reviews: 14
- Number of 3-star reviews: 65
- Number of 4-star reviews: 122
- Number of 5-star reviews: 8
- Average rating for 2015: 3.509
- Total books read in 2015: 216
- Total number of published posts in 2015: 519
- Days missed in publishing a post: 0 (since the December 2012)

See all 216 of my 2015 reads below:

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Data for Books read/reviewed in 2015:

(I did this via Excel - I kept a spreadsheet throughout the year. It made it easier to put the data together and make charts and things.)

What this tells me: 

- Age Level: I more than doubled the amount of adult books I read, from 2014 to 2015! That makes me happy. Still VERY heavily YA based.

- Dominant Genre: contemporary overtook fantasy! I think it's because of the amount of adult contemporary romance books though.

- Number in Series: I am so proud of myself for reading more standalones and conclusions! "First" books still dominated but YAY for completing series and not starting new ones!

- Publisher: it's no surprise that HarperCollins dominates, in both YA and Adult. In my pie chart, "HarperCollins" refers to their teen imprints only (HarperTeen, Balzer+Bray, Katherine Tegen, etc.). Avon is actually part of HarperCollins too! An adult imprint.

- Rating: Generally it seems that I like what I read. I continued to have a low amount of five-star ratings, but an even higher amount of three-star ratings. That "meh" feeling though.

- Source: The number of books from the publisher (meaning printed ARCs) jumped A LOT. It overtook Edelweiss which is a huge surprise for me. O_O But I had a jump in NetGalley reads - this is indicative of the NetGalley cleanse I went on!

- Year of Publication: 2015 dominated, as it should have. But this tells me that I didn't do as good a job with backlist titles as I wanted (every Friday is a backlist review day -- usually).

Things I did well in 2015 (and in general):

- Post my reviews on Goodreads.
- Post my reviews on Amazon.
- Post my reviews on Barnes & Noble.
- Get my NetGalley ratio to 100%.
- Review the eARCs/ARCs within a month before publication.
- Do backlist reviews (mostly 2014 though).
- Diversify my reads in terms of genre.
- Reply to comments on my blog within 24 hours.
- Return comments to the blogs that commented on mine, within 24 hours.

Things I'd like to do better:

- Read more backlist.
- Read less in general. (uni comes first!)
- Comment on unfamiliar blogs.
- Comment on blogs (any) without them commenting on mine first.
- Do a little more on Twitter.
- Attend more events. (This isn't quite my fault - Baltimore doesn't have many!)

And there you have it! The Eater of Books! blog in terms of numbers, for 2015. I thought I had a good year, despite technically scaling back in reading (in September, I cut back from four reviews per week to three. Or I was supposed to. I did for most weeks!). I can't wait to see what 2016 brings!


  1. I love that you put together your stats like this. It says a lot about your reading habits. Makes me wonder what mine would look like.
    Good luck with your new year of reading and resolutions.

    1. It's in the engineer in my. ;D I like analyzing my habits!

      Thank you, Sophia! You too!

  2. It's early, so I'm bright-eyed and bushy tailed so I can get in a lot. (lol) How did I not pay attention that you're going to Johns Hopkins in B-More, where I'm from? Mad props for going there and majoring in engineering AND still getting in reading AND posts consistently. That's commendable. In fact, that's my aunt's hospital of choice, and she doesn't live too far from there. I like looking at numbers, because you can see what you've been doing, but keeping those stats has to be a ton of work. Kudos! Inquiring minds are wondering where you went to high school? Poly, Western? Happy New Year, and thanks for such an enlightening post! Hugs...RO

    1. LOL! Indeed I am - and I'm from Baltimore too, so I never really went far. I was born in the City but we moved to the county! I went to Franklin (though I am VERY familiar with the ones you listed).

      Happy New Year, Ro!

  3. You had a great year!!! I agree with you on wanting to read more backlist titles *Smiles innocently....* and I also want to comment on other blogs more! I've gotten a little better at it recently, but I REALLY want to get better at it in 2016!

    The only place in which we differ is I'm hoping to read MORE in 2016! Hehe :)

    Happy New Year's Eve!

    1. It was! I've been trying to do backlist once a week, but I started doing ARCs I missed in the last few months. (Which isn't bad! Technically they're backlist too!)

      I know, I'm weird in trying to read less... It's going to be a difficult year in uni so I know I must scale back!

      Happy New Year, Meredith!

  4. Looks like you had an awesome 2015 and way to go with putting together all your reading stats for the year :D I wish I was that clever haha! I've been reading backlisted books quite a bit this year and I loved it! I wish you good luck with all of your goals for the new year and Happy 2016!!

    1. Thank you! I like doing this ever year, it's informative to me. :D Happy reading, Micheline!

  5. Awesome stats, Alyssa! I'm so jealous that you read so fast, but I read as much as I can so I guess I'm ok with my numbers. I hope you have a wonderful New Year's!

    1. I'll be trying to read less though! There is just way too much to read, you know? Happy New Year, Tammy!

  6. Wow look at all these stats and graphs!! You've had quite an impressive year. I constantly struggle to read more backlist titles too, ahh perhaps next year for us both?

    1. It was a good year in blogging! And hopefully! Happy New Year. :)

  7. Aw :D I love this post. <3 Thank you so much for sharing Alyssa. You are awesome :) Love reading about all your blog stats. You are so lucky :) And ahh, you read so many books. I'm jealous, lol :D This year I shall try reading more. Fingers crossed. And you shall read less, lol. Good luck with that :) And best of luck with school. <3 You can do it :) Hope you will read awesome books this year, though. <3

    1. Sometimes it's a huge struggle, trying to read that much (and at the random odd hours that I read LOL). I'm trying to read less in order to survive and sleep more! ;)

      Thank you so much, Carina! Happy New Year!

  8. HOW DO YOU READ SO MUCH? those numbers are so impressive! Congrats on all you got done this year. (I'm actually surprised you want to read LESS--I keep trying to read more haha)
    I also had two (probably more) questions:
    How do you read ARCs? I notice that you read & review around a month or two beforehand--but how do you restrain yourself from reading them earlier?
    and again, HOW DO YOU READ SO MUCH?? while in COLLEGE?

    1. Honestly it's a struggle (and I've been wondering and debating how much of it is worth it?)! Hence why I want to read less hehe.

      1. Discipline. I feel like a lot of bloggers struggle with this. They get all those new ARCs from Harper (example: Summer '16), read one immediately, and they forget about the current season's ARCs (Winter '16). Whereas me... I'm very disciplined, I do a review schedule and calendar, and I read in order. No matter HOW much I want to read The Mirror King since SEPTEMBER 2015, I will read it when I read my April 2016 ARCs (I think that's coming up in the first week of February!). Structure is the only way *I* can read so much, especially ARCs.

      2. Ha! Find pockets of time. And don't sleep a lot. Also I don't have/watch Netflix, and I'm not a TV person... other vices that most people have, I don't! :D

      <3 Happy New Year!

    2. Your discipline... you have no idea how much I envy it. If I got the Mirror King or This Savage Song? I'd have read them right away, haha.

    3. It's so bad because I WANT TO! Soooon. Well, in The Mirror King's case. Not This Savage Song. LOL

  9. I'm still uber-impressed by these stats! I tried to keep a spreadsheet this year...and totally fell out of it midway through. maybe I'll go back and fill it in over the weekend. It's so interesting to see how your reading habits change over the years! Maybe Goodreads will add something similar now that Amazon runs it. Goodness knows they keep track of all this and more. ;)

    1. Aww, Kel! Maybe try again this year! And Goodreads has really become nifty, haven't they. ;D

  10. My jaw is like, on the floor. I am so impressed by your stats! I mean, you have NEVER missed a day of posting!? 100% on NG!? 216 books read!? Comments back AND replies within 24 hours!? You may be my actual hero. And then charts and statistics and... WOW, I am just so impressed! Keep up the amazing work, lady! I will try to stop gaping at your charts now ;)

    1. I love you, Shannon! Honestly this is the BEST COMMENT EVER. :D I certainly try my best! It's sheer will, sometimes...

      Thank you, Shannon! Happy New Year! <3

  11. I love your stats! They're SO organized!

    congrats on a fantastic year. :)

  12. Love your stats! If I have time later this month, maybe I'll see if I can figure some of these out for my blog as well!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! You totally should - I'd be interested in seeing them! =)


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