Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Look at 2017: Statistics and Numbers

Happy New Year friends! Day two already! 

I've done this post over the last four years, and I always enjoy putting it together. I'd like to share my end-of-the-year statistics roundup with you all. Like an annual report on my blog. This year I'm a little late (I usually post this on December 31st), so forgive me!

Here are some numbers and data for 2017:

- First book read: Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken
- Total Pageviews: ~1,550,000 (since December 2012)
- Total blog followers (does not include Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads): 7,740
   - GFC: 1,267
   - Bloglovin: 2,686
   - Email/RSS: 1,891
   - Linky: 369
   - Pinterest: 800
   - Tumblr: 339
   - Google Plus: 1,112
- Goodreads friends/fans: 2,449
- Twitter: 4,184
- Facebook: 3,107
- Number of reviews in 2017: 150 (includes three sampler reviews and two 2015 reads' review)
- Number of 1-star reviews: 3
- Number of 2-star reviews: 11
- Number of 3-star reviews: 23
- Number of 4-star reviews: 102
- Number of 5-star reviews: 10
- Average rating for 2017: 3.70
- Total books read in 2017: 150 (24 less than 2016)
- Number of pages read in 2017: 47,810 (this may not be totally accurate, if Goodreads' information is not accurate per book)
- Total number of published posts in 2017: 441
- Days missed in publishing a post: 0 (since the December 2012)

See all 150 of my 2017 reads below:

Check out my Top Ten of 2017 posts:

(Click on the button!)

Data for Books read/reviewed in 2017:

(I did this via Excel - I kept a spreadsheet throughout the year. It made it easier to put the data together and make charts and things.)










What this tells me: 

- Age Level: I'm actually surprised I read so many more YA books than adult! I really thought I wasn't feeling YA this year. I was wrong!

- Companion novel: This is a new category I tracked this year. A lot of adult books that I read are companion novels. This definitely shows, as the number of "yes's" were lower than the number of "no's"!

- Debut: I didn't read many 2017 debuts. And honestly? I wasn't missing out.

- Dominant Genre: Fantasy is no longer my biggest genre! It's contemporary (51), fantasy (50)! That's crazy. I'm surprised!

- Number in Series: The number of "first's" is low-ish (YAY)! I read a lot of standalones and conclusion novels, which makes me happy.

- Publisher: Surprise surprise, HarperCollins dominates yet another year, in YA and adult. This year, in my pie chart, "HarperCollins" refers to all of their imprints (adult and YA). Same with Hachette, and Penguin Random House.

- Rating: My average rating increased only a little, from 2016 to 2017. In 2015, it was 3.509. In 2016, it was 3.69. In 2017, it was 3.70. The sheer number of 4-star ratings and drop in number of books read supports this. Which is cool - it means I enjoyed what I read. 

- Source: I wasn't necessarily surprised to see that publisher-sent print ARCs had the biggest number. I definitely read more electronic books (Edelweiss and NetGalley combined) but I received a lot of print ARCs this year.

- Year of Publication: 2017 was the biggest year, which is expected. I'm behind in my 2018 reading (that's really low, compared to where I want to be), and I did a poor job of reading backlist this year.

Things I did well in 2017 (and in general):

- Post my reviews on Goodreads.
- Post my reviews on Amazon.
- Post my reviews on Barnes & Noble.
- Get my NetGalley ratio to 100% (several times).
- Keep my NetGalley ratio at or above 97% at all times.

Did I meet my goals from my 2017 post?

- Read a little more. --- No. I read less. And that's okay!

- Keep up with the good commenting. --- Ehhh. I did okay. I did really well in the first half of the year, and terribly once I started working.

- Keep up with the level of posting. --- Not quite. I posted way less this year. 78 less posts, to be exact!

- Create an Instagram. --- YES! I'm @theeaterofbooks on Instagram!

- Attend more events. YES! I went to the NoVa Teen Book Festival in March, Kristin Cashore's event in September, B-Fest in September, the Baltimore Book Festival in September, and a Penguin Random House event at The Ivy Bookshop in October!

- Figure out what to do on Tuesdays. --- I winged it! It worked out.

Things I'd like to do better:

- Reply to comments on my blog. I really dropped the ball last year. I have so many comments to reply to on my blog, from March 2017. I have no idea how I'm going to catch up. I'm doing pretty okay with returning comments on other blogs though.

- Comment on new blogs. I feel like I pigeonhole myself into commenting on only the blogs that I have saved to my bookmarks, or that auto-fills in the URL bar! I need to find new blogs.

- Be more active on Twitter. I've really moved away from Twitter, and I'd like that not to be the case. So we'll see how that goes.

- Meet bookish peeps in real life. This is always fun!

So that's that! The Eater of Books! blog in terms of numbers, for 2017. I'm disappointed in my reading numbers (especially my early reading for 2018), but I'm not too mad because I graduated... and I started working... and 150 is still amazing. I'm looking forward to 2018, in terms of reading and blogging. Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Only three 1-star reviews? Not bad at all! And holy cow, over 400 posts in one year?!

    I tried to keep up with my stats via a spreadsheet but I forgot about it 6 months later!

  2. I think you read a ton for graduating and starting a job last year. It's always fun to see stats for people's reading! I read a lot of companion books in adult fiction too.


  3. I think with stats that its fun to discover that they tell you something that you might not have realized without them. I used to think Contemporary romance was a weak spot for me, but then when I started tracking that it was higher than even my beloved historicals.

    You had a fantastic year of balancing blogging, social media, and real life. Looking forward to seeing what you have for us in 2018. :)

    Have a great new year, Alyssa!

  4. It's so fun to see your stats, especially in chart form. Brilliant idea to track it in Excel. I've enjoyed seeing your Instagram posts.

  5. 150 is still totally amazing! It's interesting how genre reading can shift over the years. As long as you're getting that many 4-star reads out of them! Congrats on another amazing year, Alyssa!

  6. Ahhh I love pie charts - they're so much fun to do a comparison with! I haven't done that deep of a look into my reading stats, but I feel like my top publisher would be HarperCollins as well. I'm such a huge HarperCollins fangirl. There are very little books of theirs that I don't utterly love. Also you're Netgalley ratio is such an inspiration! I'm hoping to get mine above 80% this year. Congrats on a successful year and good luck for 2018!

  7. Oh I just love seeing these stats that you shared here!!!

    Hope your year in 2018 is just as wonderful.

  8. Dang Alyssa, you didn't miss posting on a single day? Good for you! I know that I find it difficult posting twice a week while working so I'm in awe of you. 😂

    Congrats on such a great reading year, too! I wish I'd read more standalones and series debuts this year, but sadly I'm stuck in the middle of what feels like dozens of long-running series haha. Oh well, there's always 2018 for that, right?

  9. Great recap! That must have taken awhile to put together with all of the charts! I love that you break it all down to see exactly what you are reading! Have a great 2018!!

  10. YAY :D Love this post sweetie. <3 Always love seeing your statistics and such :) You are so awesome and I love how well you are doing with your blog :D Eee. And yay for reading so much. <3 Hugs. I hope this new year will be the best for you :) Also, miss you on twitter. <3

  11. Always love seeing your stats big picture-wise.I too thought you were leaning towards more Adult than YA for some reason but I was wrong. There were quite a few 'YA 2nd bk of the series' reviews I was looking forward to reading from you but alas you didn't get the chance to read them. I'll comment more specifically on another one of your posts about those titles. You did a ton while integrating school and now full time work so kudos to you!

  12. Oooh! You've read a lot of contemporary romance this year! I need to read more adult and young adult books this year!


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