Sunday, December 28, 2014

Quirky Tag!

Welcome bibliovores! I've been tagged by the tag's creators at My Little Corner for Books. Congrats on the two-month blogoversary, Fari and Kitty! I'm actually celebrating my two-YEAR blogoversary tomorrow. Tis the season!

1. Reading in the shower?

Oh my goodness, NO. Absolutely not! I can't risk my print books... or even my Kindle... getting wet D:

2. Say that your favourite animal was the symbol of your godly parent or their creation (Owl, Pegasus! or perhaps Eagle for Roman? From PJO), hate ducks, want a robot as a pet or any such thing?

I'm honestly a little confused by this question. But, my favorite mythical animal is probably dragons, or LOTR elves. I have no problems with ducks, they're adorable. I don't really like pets (let me take care of myself and roommates before I think about pets, kay?)

3. Rearranged shelves at library/book stores?

Yup. Both. I can't help it. If it's not in alphabetical order, or if I don't like the face ones (the ones that are turned so that the cover is faced out), then I WILL rearrange things like I own the place!

4. Started a conversation with a stranger cuz they were reading your favorite book?

I've never come across anyone reading my FAVORITE book, but I have talked to a random person that was reading a book that I've also read. Not awkward for me, I'm bold!

5. Ruined a borrowed book?

Never. Treat unto other books the way you want your books to be treated.

6. Tried to remember all the page number of your favorite passages of you fave book?

No, but I remember certain sections. Like, it was three-fourths of the way into the book, or something like that.

7. Had an imaginary convo with an imaginary character?

Hmmm, not that I recall?

8. Stopped reading a book to imagine what would happen or wish would happen (even if there is 100% chance of that occurring!)?

All the dang time.

9. Write fanfiction?

No way! Let the AUTHOR tell the story!

10. Broke the golden rule and watched the movie first?

Hmm... Eragon. I think that was the only time I've ever broken the rule. And it was a HUGE mistake, because the movie was awful, and I couldn't bring myself to read the books, afterwards.

11. Gotten crumbs in the spine thing?

When I was younger, I TRIED to eat and read... and then this happened... and I cut that out. That was a bad habit and I do not miss the crumbs in my books at all!

12. Tried to take off sticker and rip cover?

Nope. I have gentle fingers and sharp nails. I'm your girl when it comes to books and stickers!

13. Gifted someone your used book?

I donate my used books to The Book Thing in Baltimore!

14. Tried to get dressed while still reading?

No. I'm very systematic and clear-cut and organized. I love multitasking, but dressing and reading would NOT make my List of Things To Do At the Same Time.

15. Walk while reading?

I don't believe I've done this!

16. Ever started babbling your list of "Books I Recommend" to a complete stranger because, hey, they love reading too?!

I don't think I've gotten as far as babbling an entire list...

17. Think what your favorite character would do in the situation?

No. I think of what I should be doing. In the end, it's up to ME.

18. How many days do you think it'll take you to recommend someone ALL of the books you want them to read?

That's a cute question.

19. Think your favorite characters as real people.

Sometimes. Like, Fire, from Fire by Kristin Cashore. I wish she were real.

20. Recommend books that you haven't read to people?

Only to one of my best friends, because I know her tastes and I'm much more well-read than she is. Even if I haven't read something, I might still recommend it to her. 

And that's that! I'm not going to tag anyone (this one is a long one), but feel free to do the questionnaire and tag others!


  1. Oh read, who's read in the shower?? The damage!!! *cringes & shudders*

  2. Aw, yay :D Amazing post Alyssa. <3 I love getting to know you better. And omg! Reading in the shower? BIG NO. Neeeever :D And ruin borrowed book? NOOO. (Because of this I would never ever let anyone read my books :p I cannot share, lol.) Ruined books would be the worst :( which is why I don't eat and read, lol. Put the book down first ;p Anyway. Thank you for sharing so much sweetie. <3 You are awesome :)

    1. I'm so glad! That's one of the reasons I *try* to do these tags.

      I'm so picky as well! I get paranoid when I let people borrow books. What if THEY eat and read my book?! That would make me ragey.

      Thank YOU, Carina!

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