Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Time Has Come! Great Changes Are Upon Us!

I know, I know. 

You've probably already seen this a thousand times. But I need to do this.

As you know, Google Reader is shutting down tonight. Google Friend Connect (GFC) is most likely going with it. Now, I just hit 700+ GFC followers, which is great! So I'm disappointed to know that GFC will most likely be disappearing along with Google Reader. 

So, please. Please, please, PLEASE follow my blog in another way.

Follow on Bloglovin


I infinitely prefer EMAIL or BLOGLOVIN, but I'm not going to be choosy. Any way of following my blog would be so appreciated.

Thank you all SO MUCH for following me. It means the world that anyone would follow me after six months of my blather and rambles. Thank you for staying with me!


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I love comments! I will always try and reply to your comments, as well as leave some comment love on your blog! :)

Also, this an award and tag free blog. While I am flattered that you would think of me, I really do not have the time to follow up. Thank you!