Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review: The Vampire Combat Field Guide by Roger Ma

The Vampire Combat Field Guide by Roger Ma
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: October 6, 2015
Rating: 4 stars
Source: Copy sent by the publisher

Summary (from Goodreads):

In The Vampire Combat Manual, Roger Ma, the nation’s preeminent expert in undead warfare, prepared the average citizen to defend against a brutal vampire attack. But without appropriate training, even the most adept slayer of bloodsuckers can be left vulnerable.

Therefore, the Institute for Undead Combat Studies has once again created an essential practice handbook for anyone seeking to avoid serious injury, infection, or death at the hands of a vampire. This comprehensive guide includes:

*Detailed illustrations to aid in identifying various types of the undead and their vulnerabilities, as well as anatomical drawings you can color to promote knowledge retention

*Interactive mental and physical exercises that will teach invaluable fighting techniques and prepare you for battle

*Work pages to hone weapon selection, defensive and offensive techniques, and precise staking strategies

*and much more!

With the proper preparation, no one need fear death by exsanguination or an eternity spent in darkness. Learn to ward off these bloodthirsty creatures while you can—or say good-bye to your days in the sun…

My review:

I've never reviewed a coloring book, so this review is a bit different from my usual reviews. This coloring book is sixty-four pages, with plenty to color! It's exactly as it sounds, a vampire combat field guide. The illustrations are bold and imaginative, and Roger Ma really takes the reader/color-er through a story of sorts. He takes us through vampire anatomy to types of vampires to weapons to attacking methods. Very cool! Definitely a great adult coloring book right in time for Halloween!

Here is my review in pictures:

***Note that I did not color ALL the pages. I chose one or two pictures from each section!***

First, we start off with vampire anatomy!

Page 1

And then there were different types of vampires.

Page 13

Page 15

You need to have a certain physique in order to take on vampires...

Page 19

Page 21

... And have certain skills!

Page 30

Make sure you have the proper weapons...

Page 35

... And now you're ready to take on the bad guys!

Page 48

Page 54

There are so many more pages to color! I absolutely loved this coloring book. Definitely an adult one, with graphic-ish content (nothing teens can't handle, but don't give this to your five-year-old, maybe). I love the cohesiveness of this book, like it's almost a story. Great job, Roger Ma and Berkley! And Happy (early) Halloween, everyone...


  1. lol ok...that's umm...different ;)

  2. That is a cool coloring book! Definitely looks kinda graphic! Haha! I think that my sister might enjoy this coloring book, maybe I should get her one for Christmas! It's neat that they send out coloring books for people to review! Great review!

    1. It's not *too* graphic, actually! But the author did a really detailed job. This was the first coloring book I got for review, and I thought it was cool too! Thank you, Cyra!

  3. I saw this one at the bookstore where I work, it looked like fun!

  4. Yay :D Awesome post Alyssa. <3 Looks like an interesting book ;) Not for me, though, lol. But curious about it :) Glad you liked it. <3 Thank you for sharing about it sweetie :)

    1. It was pretty cool! You're very welcome - and thank you, Carina!

  5. I LOVE this, and you reminded me that I must color mine soon too! It is so fun, I love this idea. It's so funny and perfect for this time of year- plus, I have a good reason to color! Such a win :D Glad you enjoyed it too.
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. YOU MUST! There is always time to color! Thank you, Shannon. <3

  6. Hah! That's quite an awesome and different kind of colouring book for sure!!


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