Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blog Tour: I Love My Hair by Andrea Pippins

Welcome to the blog tour for I Love My Hair by Andrea Pippins! I am honored to promote this lovely book and author - who is a fellow Baltimorean! Stick around for gorgeous hair, coloring, and more!

Take a peek into the book!

This particular page was one of my favorites. I LOVE the flowers and leaves and swirls in the pigtail buns. Soooo cute!

And here are some other pages:

Lovely curls of hair!

All your necessary hair care products.

This one reminds me of the Chiquita Banana lady, or Stewie from Family Guy. Ha!

That's that! So, get to coloring!

About the Book:

I Love My Hair by Andrea Pippins
Publisher: Schwartz and Wade (Random House)
Publication Date: November 10, 2015

Official Summary:

I LOVE MY HAIR (on sale November 10, 2015) by designer Andrea Pippins is a fabulous new adult coloring book from Schwartz & Wade Books that celebrates strong, confident women and explores how beautifully diverse, stylish, innovative, and fun all types of hair can be.

Featuring bold hairstyles and accessories, from rows of braids, to Mohawks, to sweeping updos, to cascades of ribbons and beads, I LOVE MY HAIR is filled with Andrea Pippins’s delicate pen-and-ink illustrations, ready to color, complete, and embellish. Coloring enthusiasts of all ages will love this empowering and stylish book.

About the Author:

ANDREA PIPPINS is an artist, a designer, and an educator with a penchant for cool and a personality as warm as her Brazilian roots. Her work can be seen in magazines and on television as well as on clothing and stationery. Andrea teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art and curates her fashion, art, and design blog, Fly, a weekly resource to inspire young women to pursue their creative passions. She also produces digital and screen-printed artwork in which she explores color, pattern, and texture while interpreting her personal experiences as an African American woman. Andrea lives in Baltimore. This is her first book. Learn more at andreapippins.com and follow her on Twitter at @andreagpippins.

My super short review:

I never know how to review coloring books, but I want to post a review on some retailer sites, so here is my short paragraph on this coloring book. I absolutely LOVE the design and creativity of this coloring book. I am a huge fan of nature coloring books (like National Geographic types), so this was a new concept for me. This coloring book is more than that - it's a very body-positive book, in a subtle way. I've always been proud of my India-blessed straight black hair, but also jealous of people who could curl their hair easily, or could jump in the shower and wash their hair whenever (mine takes hours and hours to dry, so I only wash once a week!). But Pippins has a message for everyone - love your hair no matter the type, just like you should love yourself and embrace your difference. Lovely book to color, and an inspiring read!

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  1. It looks like it'd be a blast to play around with this one! Thank you for sharing some pages of it, Alyssa!
    Body positive books for the win!

    1. I wish I could have colored more! The pages were quite gorgeous. Thank YOU, Pili!

  2. well that is certainly different! I love that it has a message

    1. Yes! Coloring books are definitely getting more popular in the adult world. And me too! Very creative and well done. :)

  3. I see these kinds of books around a lot now. Can't say I'm into them myself. mainly, because of time constraints. Maybe one day.

    1. I know what you mean! It took me over an hour to color that one picture that I colored - but I love it so much. :D

  4. Gorgeous post Alyssa :D Thank you for sharing about this one. <3 I don't color.. but I want to. And this book looks so awesome :D One day I shall start. <3

    1. Thank you! You should pick up coloring, it's very therapeutic!


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