Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Promo: Fantasy Chat with Susan Dennard and Kate Elliott

Hey loves! Today, I'm joined by my fellow Waterwitch Babes, to help promote Truthwitch and Susan Dennard! Susan and Kate Elliott will be hosting a chat tomorrow, September 9th - check out the bottom of the post for details! But first, see why we Waterwitches love fantasy. :)

Fantasy is my favorite genre. I love reading as a method of escapism. Fantasy is so unreal and supernatural and OUT THERE, and I love it! Sometimes the contemporary genre doesn’t work for me because it’s too real, and sometimes a girl just needs to join someone else’s world for a little while! Fantasy books are among my favorites - examples being Fire by Kristin Cashore, Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken, The Winter King by C.L. Wilson (adult fantasy!). I don’t think I will ever tire of the unique fantasy worlds that authors create - I hope I never will!

I love reading fantasy because in most cases the characters are strong, there is adventure, action, and some fairy creatures. This genre makes me dream and evades myself in another world. You can find magic, warriors and Celaena, Chaol and Safi. You can find all you need in fantasy, your imagination will travel to a lot of amazing world with great friends. Now that I’m old I find solace and peace in fantasy. I let the author’s imagination transport myself to an incredible universe and it feels good to escape the real world for a time.

Reading is an escape for me, and while I love reading many different genres, I feel like fantasy is the best kind of escape from everyday life.  At the end of the I just want to relax in a different environment to the one I’m used to seeing.  And in fantasy, anything is possible, which means there are so many possibilities within a fantasy novel.  And it’s wonderful that the fantasy genre can have such variation.  I feel like there is something in the fantasy genre for everyone.  The genre promises excitement, adventure, emotion, magic, and new things that no one has ever seen.  I love that about fantasy!

Fantasy is a amazing, spectacular, out of this world (literally ;) ) genre. Fantasy and Urban Fantasy were the main reasons that got me into this amazing book community. Percy Jackson. “The” book that got me into reading. Fantasy. Mortal Instruments. My first actual fandom. An Urban Fantasy read. People, booknerds, book lovers, or other that like blog posts about books TRY A FANTASY BOOK!

I have always been fascinated by royalty. Queens and kings and heirs and lines of succession. Fascinated by the power of the lottery of birth and the greatness that accompanies many of these noble heroes. So Fantasy, a genre wholly dedicated to all these things— to the adventures they take, the foes they face, the traveling they do as romance festers over a fire, rarely gets old. I never fail to be in absolute awe as I read the sheer magnitude of creating a whole world from scratch and making the reader adore it with every fiber of their being. The mannerisms and traditions, the descriptions of palaces and sprawling beautiful kingdoms with a story sitting at its center. It makes me feel like somewhere out there, a world such as that could exist, in the dreams of readers and the realm of fiction. I lose myself among the pages as I battle approaching armies and look damn good while doing it. I love Fantasy because it's a place where magic and wonders and childhood dreams are possible— where anything is possible.

There are so many reasons to love fantasy.  Not only are you taken to another place, literally in most instances, but you are in a world of magic and unlimited possibilities.  It doesn’t always have to make logical sense, and when things go crazy you are wrapped up in it.  Fantasy novels are the perfect getaway when you need something new.  The characters, languages, and worlds are unique in each and every one.  If it wasn’t for fantasy I wouldn’t want to have a pet dragon. Okay, maybe I would because hello…. dragons.  Back to the point, fantasy is amazing, and you can find one that will appeal to you!

To be honest it took me some time to get into the fantasy genre and it was only because I finally decided to read Harry Potter that I learned to love it so much! So I probably owe J K Rowling a lot! I just love dipping into other worlds than ours and meeting new creatures is great. I bet all of us would love to be able to access magic in some way, so it is really intriguing. For me, reading is a way to escape this world and which worlds would be better to explore than fantasy worlds?

Fantasy is my all time favorite genre, I have read it since I was a little thing in diapers. Life has always kind of been hard, so fantasy was some of the only escape granted, the only way to get away from whatever was bugging me, which was great because it just… Let me go away, to some place magical where you could bend water or ride giant creature, fight against evil empires and lords. Fantasy mean the world to me. I would be nothing without it. 

Being an avid reader, I've always been open to trying new genres but Fantasy has always been my home girl. Fantasy gives me (and pretty much everyone) an amazing opportunity to traverse unknown and magical lands filled with unicorns, evil tyrant kings and so much more. It's the perfect escape from reality but still manages to resonant to readers and their real lives. Fantasy is such a diverse and beautiful genre and it's definitely one that everyone needs to be able to experience.

Fantasy is one of those genres that draws a reader in from the minute the page is opened. My first experience with fantasy that I can remember is reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. I actually attribute my current obsession with the genre to Dahl's well crafted worlds that literally sucked me into Giant Country. The best escape from the harsh realities of the world has always been within the pages of a book for me. As I get older, I am grateful that these wonderful worlds are still the perfect outlet for me to get lost and daydream in.

I’m fairly new to the fantasy genre, but I am in love with it! I love all the possibilities there are within the fantasy genre. You could be in a completely made up world or in our current world and fantastical elements are looped within it. And within fantasy you can find so many other sub-genres inside! I mean, I guess you can do that with any genre, really. But the fantasy genre is just so fun and exciting! You get to meet mythical creatures and made up creatures. It’s just amazing that people have imaginations so big to create all of these worlds and it inspires me!

Chat with Susan Dennard & Kate Elliott about all things fantasy! Use #fantasychat to join in on 9/9/15 at 8PM EST!


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