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Blog Tour and Giveaway: First & Then by Emma Mills - Favorite Male Character

Hey lovelies! Welcome to the blog tour for First & Then by Emma Mills! As you may know, I absolutely adored this book! Today, I'm featuring Emma Mills herself, who has prepared for us her top ten swooniest YA protagonists! Check out the post, and enter the giveaway for a copy of First & Then!

Emma's Top Ten Swoonist YA Protagonists!

- Matthew—The Next Together, Lauren James
In Lauren James’s fantastic debut, you get not ONE adorable, smart, loyal, funny Matthew but FOUR different incarnations of adorable, smart, loyal, funny Matthew. 

- Levi – Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell
I love Levi. Love love love love love love.

- Seb – The Year of Secret Assignments, Jaclyn Moriarty
I’m wild about epistolary novels, and I love this cutie at the other end of Lydia’s correspondence in The Year of Secret Assignments.

- Cedric Diggory – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling
I know Cedric Diggory is not technically a “protagonist” of the HP world, but my teenage heart still flutters for him and his Hufflepuff kindness.  

- Etienne St. Clair – Anna and the French Kiss, Stephanie Perkins
I appreciate that this handsome and charming French/American/Englishman is not without his own shortcomings—it humanizes him, and that, to me, adds to the appeal. 

- Kaz Brekker – Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo
Undeniably, Kaz has been through some stuff. Major Stuff. Really Substantial Stuff. But he is smart, quick, ruthless, relentless—a diabolical fave. 

- Augustus Waters – The Fault in Our Stars, John Green
Augustus seems like a typical too-good-to-be-true, charming YA love interest, but really he’s wonderfully complex, and the development and change he undergoes throughout the novel are really something. 

- Peeta – The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins


- Richard Gansey – The Raven Cycle, Maggie Stiefvater 


- Ezra Lynley—First & Then, Emma Mills
Can I throw in my own guy? I’m wild about seemingly-cold-but-actually-super-awkward Mr. Darcy types. 

Alyssa's Top Ten Swooniest YA Protagonists!

- Brigan -- Fire, Kristin Cashore

Brigan is my favorite YA male ever. Everything about him appeals to me. If you haven't read this book, read it just to meet Brigan!

- Titus -- The Elemental series, Sherry Thomas

Prince, Master of the Domain, always has a plan B, C, all the way through Z, need I say more?

- North -- Brightly Woven, Alexandra Bracken

Ahh, North. The perfect combination of intelligent, slightly awkwardly adorable, protective and fierce. 

- Jackson -- The Game series, Eve Silver

Jackson is one of those brooding jerk types that aren't actually jerks. He's a good guy!

- Khalid -- The Wrath and the Dawn, Renee Ahdieh

The illustrious King of Kings. Tortured and haunted by his wrongdoings, but someone who deserves so much better. He's one of my favorite male protagonists.

- Raif -- Exquisite Captive, Heather Demetrios

Raif is such a fun guy! He's a tough guy, but he's easy to swoon over. *fans self*

- Melek -- Of Metal and Wishes, Sarah Fine

Melek is a hard-working, quiet guy. He's also very intelligent and selfless. His role in Of Dreams and Rust is perfect!

- Gharain -- Lark Rising, Sandra Waugh

Gharain is a Guardian, a protector, but he never tries to hold Lark back. He's a quiet, clever, fierce warrior who would do anything for his lady.

- Duval -- Grave Mercy, Robin LaFevers

Gavriel Duval. Quick-minded, witty, clever, scheming, intelligent, loyal, mistrusting. This is one guy you don't want to mess with, on any fronts.

- Sol -- The Dark Light, Sara Walsh

This book is so under-appreciated! Sol is one of my favorites. He's a quiet big guy, and a prince (yaasss, men of power). He's another protector type, and he butts heads with Mia a lot, but they are the perfect couple!

About First & Then:

First & Then by Emma Mills
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Publication Date: October 13, 2015

Summary (from Goodreads):

Devon Tennyson wouldn't change a thing. She's happy watching Friday night games from the bleachers, silently crushing on best friend Cas, and blissfully ignoring the future after high school. But the universe has other plans. It delivers Devon's cousin Foster, an unrepentant social outlier with a surprising talent for football, and the obnoxiously superior and maddeningly attractive star running back, Ezra, right where she doesn't want them first into her P.E. class and then into every other aspect of her life.

Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights in this contemporary novel about falling in love with the unexpected boy, with a new brother, and with yourself.

The Giveaway: 

Win a copy of First & Then! USA only (apologies, non-USA lovelies). 

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  1. Ooooh, my favorites would be....
    I has too many!

  2. That is such a hard question, but I can say, we have some common loves -- Levi, Gus, and Gansey all made this girl swoon. I also loved Ash (Iron Fey), Adrian (VA, Bloodlines), and too many more. I tend to fall in love in almost every book I read.

  3. Levi was adorable and so is Gansey!! But my main book boyfriend has to be Jamie from Outlander, and he is not YA... lemme think, I think my fave YA book boyfriend has to be Aidan from the Covenant series by JLA!

  4. I spent five minuter writing down my favorites and then I read Emma's list and it was exactly the same, minus First & Then because I haven't read it yet! Gansey is at the top of my list though!

    Carolina M on rafflecopter

  5. My new favorites are Wyatt from Cowboys & Kisses, West from Until Friday Night, and Knox from Sacked.

  6. I actually don't share a lot of those. Mostly b/c I haven't read the books. I liked Cedric, too. Duval would definitely make my list.
    Eragon from the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini, Wolf from Marisa Meyers' Lunar Chronicles, Elder from Beth Revis' Across the Universe series, Bram from Lia Habel's Dearly Departed, and Ryan from Ashley C. Harris' Shock Me series.

  7. LEVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door, Sam Cortland from Assassin's Blade!

  8. George from Backward Compatible. Hands down he's always going to be a favorite of mine.

  9. Daemon Black from the Lux series, William Herondale from the Infernal Devices, Tucker Avery from Unearthly, THE DARKLING from Shadow and Bone AND SO MANY MORE but I will spare you the long list :D Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Gansey for sure! Love him in The Raven Boys series. I also love Roth in the Dark Elements series by JL Armentrout.

  11. Gavriel Duval from Grave Mercy for sure! Captain Thorne from Cress, haaa he's such a playboy. Or at least I imagine him so.

  12. I love those lists!! So many male characters that I absolutely LOVE (*cough Levi cough*) and so many that I seriously need to meet :)

    Zareena @ The Slanted Bookshelf

  13. Lochan from Forbidden, and Finch from All the Bright Places.

  14. Duval is definitely one swoon-worthy character! I would have to say Will and Jace from TID and TMI :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  15. Ryan Dean in Winger!!!

  16. Well, Emma pretty much nailed them all.

  17. Man, so many of these characters are swoon worthy! My top favorite though is Earl from the New Magic trilogy.

  18. I love Josh and Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss books!!
    Mary G Loki

  19. Stunning blog tour post Alyssa, as always. <3 Yay for favorite boys :D GANSEY. <3 TITUS. Ugh. I love so many of these too, lol :) Thank you for sharing sweet girl. <3

  20. Right now I am crushing on Lief in "The Sin-Eater's Daughter"

  21. My two favorites are Gansey from The Raven Cycle (there I agree with Emma), and Ashe from the Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon. Two totally different characters, but I like how real and complex they both are!

  22. This is such a fun post! I agree with you so hard on every character I know. I do have to throw my hat in for Gansey, though, too, because he's seriously the best. :D Wonerful post Alyssa!!


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