Friday, May 24, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday (#20)

The Feature & Follow is a creative meme that allows bloggers to get to know each other, and gain more followers! It is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.

If you would like, it would be great if you followed me via Email, GFC, Linky, Bloglovin, or Google+ (all on the right). Let me know in the comments if you did, leave a link to your blog, and I will comment and follow back! I always do, I promise! Thank you!

Q: The #FF is 150 weeks old! And we want to hear from you! What would you change about the hop? What do you like about it? Or just suggest a question to be used for next week!

MAKE EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATES IN THE HOP GET RID OF EFFIN CAPTCHA. Guys. Every time I visit a blog for this hop, and the blog has Captcha? I don't follow the blog, and don't leave a comment. Usually, I will leave a comment and then follow in the way I mentioned in the comment, but if you have Captcha turned on, I will NOT follow you or leave a comment. Too bad.

And guys. I understand the whole spam argument - but for the majority of us who AREN'T spammers, save our sanity. 

Otherwise, I love this hop. It's great to link up to so many bloggers and do them a favor of following and commenting.


  1. OMG! I totally agree about the Captcha thing. I got rid of mine a couple of weeks ago. Actually Parajunkee has a great post on how to turn it off on blogger. Old Follower!

  2. I don't participate in this hop yet but thank you for bringing up the captcha thing. I hate it on other blogs but didn't know you had to disable it. Just did. :)

  3. Haha! I HATE captcha. I usually fail about 3 times before I can finally figure out what letters are and by that point I no longer care about my comment.

    Old Follower!

    CeCe @ Steaming Mug of Books

  4. Haha! Yeah captcha is getting annoying! I only recently turned mine off this year when another blogger pointed out that spamming rarely happens.

    I've had a few spamming comments but I always delete them, but it hasn't happened lately. *Knocks on wood*

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

    1. I haven't gotten any spam, which is fantastic (hope I don't jinx it), and I hope it stays that way.

  5. Haha ..
    I really like your answer! Yes, many blogs have it. I know the feeling. haha
    Here is my FF

  6. Totally agree about the captcha. I wouldn't say I don't comment on a blog that has them but I don't always check if it's gone through before closing the page and if I don't get it right the first time I rarely try again.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Tasha @ A Trillian Books xoxo

  7. Hahaha, Alyssa- you just made me LOL. I love that. I have been getting spammed like crazy lately and it's really making me super mad. But I won't turn on captcha because I can't do the freaking thing myself! Such a hassle! Anyways----- happy Friday!!! You're no longer a high school senior! Woooo!!!!

    My FF

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  8. Hopping through! New follower. My Feature and Follow

    I hate captcha too. I don't follow those blogs many times either. Captcha is a pain. I wish there was another way to get rid of spammers. Mine have been horrible lately too.


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