Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sweet Talk with the Sweet Sixteens: December 27th

Welcome to Week Fifty-Two of Sweet Talk with the Sweet Sixteens! To see more details about Sweet Talk as well as previous posts, see the introduction post. Thanks to Charlene (Bookish Whimsy), for designing the banner and button for Sweet Talk.

Today, I'm featuring the authors and books publishing during the week of December 27th!

The Questions:

1. Describe your debut novel in sixteen words.
2. Pitch your book! For fans of _____, _____ meets _____, etc.
3. What are you working on now – is it related to your debut novel?

The Authors:

Erin Summerill, Author of Ever the Hunted

1. Britta hunts down her father's killer, the boy she once loved. Magic happens in this chase.

2. For fans of romantic fantasy. This novel is a bit of Sarah J. Maas meets CJ Redwine type fantasy, adventure, and romance. 

If you liked Graceling and Defiance, you'll love Ever The Hunted

If you like Venison with a touch of Hot Tamales...(just kidding)

3. I just finished book 2 of the Clash of Kingdoms series and turned that into my editor. Now I'm working on a novel that takes place in a desert. It gets super hot. *wink wink. See what I did there?

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The Book:

(Click on the cover to go to Goodreads!)

Other Sweet Sixteens Books Publishing This Week:

Ever the Hunted is the only one! And the last one of the year. =)

The Giveaway:

- Teach Me To Forget swag
- Ebook copy of Alterations
- Finished copy of Ever the Hunted
- Ever the Hunted tattoos


  1. I put Ever the Hunted on my TBR a while back. I love fantasy books, and when Defy was name dropped, I knew this one was for me.

  2. Ever the Hunted not only has a beautiful cover but the POV character sounds just like the strong, intelligent female characters I love to read along with. I can't wait to read this book.

  3. I am looking forward to reading "Ever the Hunted."

  4. I like the author's sense of humor in the interview. It makes me want to read the story, in case her writing reflects that humor!

  5. I loved your review of Ever the Hunted and can't wait to read it! Also, great author interview she seems so funny!!

  6. I love this cover and fantasy, can't wait to read it.

  7. I have seen talk about Ever the Hunted so often now, lol. I don't think I wish to read it.. but maybe one day :) Lovely post sweetie. <3

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