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Sweet Talk with the Sweet Sixteens: April 5th

Welcome to Week Fourteen of Sweet Talk with the Sweet Sixteens! To see more details about Sweet Talk as well as previous posts, see the introduction post. Thanks to Charlene (Bookish Whimsy), for designing the banner and button for Sweet Talk.

Today, I'm featuring the authors and books publishing during the week of April 5th!

The Questions:

1. Describe your debut novel in sixteen words.
2. Pitch your book! For fans of _____, _____ meets _____, etc.
3. What are you working on now – is it related to your debut novel?

The Authors:

Janet Sumner Johnson, Author of The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society

1. Annie refuses to let her best friend move because of stupid money. So she makes PLANS.

2. Ramona meets The Goonies.

3. I'm working on a middle grade fairy-tale-inspired fantasy. Very different than my debut!

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Kurt Dinan, Author of Don't Get Caught

1. A group of outcasts pull epic pranks to get back at a secret society.  Hilarity ensues! 

2. The Breakfast Club meets Ocean's 11

3. I'm currently working on the sequel to DON'T GET CAUGHT.

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Amy Allgeyer, Author of Dig Too Deep

1. Teenage girl goes to live with her Granny in a poisoned, impoverished town. Then kicks ass.

2. A teenage Erin Brockovich stirs up trouble in Kentucky coal country.

3. Right now, I'm working on a giant ball of sticky sting dipped in honey and dropped into a wasps' nest. It's like Fried Green Tomatoes meets The Thornbirds.

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Elizabeth Briggs, Author of Future Shock

1. Five teens travel to the future and have 24 hours to return and change their fates.

2. For fans of All Our Yesterdays, Back To The Future meets 24.

3. I'm working on the sequel to Future Shock!

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Dana Elmendorf, Author of South of Sunshine

1. In a town like Sunshine, Tennesse, Kaycee knows better than to fall for the new girl.

2. Fans of DUMPLIN's southern setting, Jenny Han's sweet romance or LGBT issues like MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST will like SOUTH OF SUNSHINE. 

3. Currently I'm working on a romance set in Texas where a girl falls in love with her rodeo competition, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

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Robin Reul, Author of My Kind of Crazy

1. His promposal up in flames, Hank befriends a budding pyromaniac who thinks he's a kindred spirit.


3. I'm working on several different projects right now, all humorous contemporary YA, and am working with my editor to determine which one is the best follow up to MY KIND OF CRAZY. At this time, there is no sequel in the works for MKOC, but never say never!

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Everly Frost, Author of Fear My Mortality

1. In a world where humans are invincible, one girl discovers she might be the first mortal.

2. For fans of strong heroines who believe in being who they are.

3. I'm working on the third book in the trilogy.

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Margaret Dilloway, Author of Xander and the Lost Island of Monsters

1. A fun adventure with heart, about friendship & the power of imagination.

2. Percy Jackson meets Miyazaki in this fast-paced adventure based on Japanese myth. Relucant hero Xander Miyamoto must face off demons using little more than his sense of humor and imagination, with the help of his best friends and his faithful dog.

3. I just finished MOMOTARO BOOK TWO: XANDER AND THE DREAM THIEF, in which Xander attempts to accept his newfound power, only to lose it all and endanger his family. 

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Julie Buxbaum, Author of Tell Me Three Things

1. What if the person you need the most is someone you've never met in real life?

2. For fans of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda meets Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer Niven and E. Lockhart. 

3. Just handed in my next YA novel to my editor and it is not related in any way to TELL ME THREE THINGS. I'm really excited about it which means I'm completely and totally terrified now that it's starting to make it's way out into the world. 

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The Books:




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Other Sweet Sixteens Books Publishing This Week:

These are all of the Sweet Sixteens books publishing, on April 1st and April 5th!

The Giveaway:

- Signed hardcover of The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society
- ARC of Don't Get Caught
- Dig Too Deep swag
- Future Shock swag
- South of Sunshine swag
- My Kind of Crazy swag
- Fear My Mortality swag
- Finished copy of Xander and the Lost Island of Monsters
- Tell Me Three Things swag
- My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights swag
- Finished copy of Treasure at Lure Lake
- Crossing the Line swag 
- The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary swag
- Finished copy of Consider
- Emerge swag
- ARC of The Art of Not Breathing


  1. I'm looking forward to reading Fear My Mortality.

  2. I was lucky enough to get a copy of Tell Me Three Things from Yallfest, and I am in love with Julie Buxbaum. I really want to read Don't Get Caught. It sounds great.

  3. I am looking forward to reading Future Shock, My Kind of Crazy, and since he said Breakfast Club - Don't Get Caught.

  4. Wow all of these look so great!! Especially Don't Get Caught. I'm down for anything compared to The Breakfast Club. :D

  5. Really excited about Tell Me 3 Things!

  6. Gosh, the only book I have heard a little about is that last one. Ack. So many newish books out :) But.. well.. I ma not good at reading books I don't know anything about :p not ready for that yet. Sigh. Though these do seem pretty interesting :D Thank you for sharing about them all Alyssa. <3

  7. Looking forward to Future Shock, The Art of Not Breathing, and Dig Too Deep. Don't Get Caught is a fun read!

  8. I'm looking forward to Future Shock.

  9. Don't Get Caught just sounds so wonderful. Breakfast Club meets Ocean's? I honestly don't think the pitch gets any better than that!

  10. I'm looking forward to reading Fear My Mortality! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. There is not a single one of these books that I don't want to read. Particularly looking forward to Dig Too Deep

  12. Def need to read Don't Get Caught & Future Shock!!!
    Samantha D

  13. Fear My Mortality and Tell Me Three Things sound really interesting! I'll be sure to put them on my to-read list!

  14. I haven't had the chance, but as soon as I can, My Kind of Crazy and Tell Me Three Things are being added to my library!

  15. There are so many this week!!! I am torn between South of Sunshine and I Fear my Mortality!

  16. So many great ones! My Kind of Crazy have been on my radar and I'm interested in Tell Me Three Things too! Dig Too Deep is one I've heard good things about too! So hard to choose!


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