Friday, May 25, 2018

My Favorite YA Summer Reads/Rereads

Happy Friday, bibliovores! Today is another day in which I didn't feel like writing/posting a review, but did feel like posting something... so I'm doing another favorites post! You can check out my favorite books that were recommended to me HERE, my favorite YA books with "blood" in the title HERE, favorite YA books that need a sequel HERE, favorite YA books with hate-to-love romance HERE, favorite books with the word "shadow" in the title HERE, favorite adult books (alphabet style) HERE, favorite Jane-Austen-Inspired YA books HERE, favorite YA foreign editions posts HERE, favorite YA books (alphabet style) HERE, favorite YA books with one-word titles HERE, favorite swoons from YA books HERE.

Here are some of my favorite YA summer reads/rereads! 

    My Life Next Door

I loved all of these! Most of them have a lighter tone to them (hence being on my "summer" read/reread list), and they're all standalone novels! With the exception of To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Standalones make great summer reads!

Do you have any summer-y recommendations for me? Regardless of if the book has anything to do with "summer" itself - recommend any summer-esque reading to me!


  1. Good picks! I picked a few off your list for my own wish list. I just got the audio for When Dimple Met Rishi, but I know you already read that one.

  2. Summer reads are my favorites, and probably why I seek them out all year long. LJ will forever be one of my favorite characters, and I wanted to be part of the family in The Boy Next Door. I really enjoyed On the Fence and Tell Me Three Things, so I am glad to see them on your list. I am also an Ockler fan. I have Broken Hearts, but still need to read it.

  3. I've always thought the books by Katie West and Kate Evangelista are pretty summer-y. :)

  4. To All the Boys I've Loved Before is such a perfect summer read. I've never read a book by Huntley Fitzpatrick, but I would love to in the near future. Maybe it will happen this summer. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome list.

  5. Heh. I have not read many "summer" books at all :D And so I cannot even think of one right now, lol. But love your list a bunch :D YAY for having read and loved so many. <3

  6. I still need to read so many of these! Tell Me Three Things especially. I've been wanting to read that for so long and omg I totally forgot about The Dark Light. I've had that on my shelf since release too!


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