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Review: Dirty Games by Samanthe Beck

Dirty Games by Samanthe Beck
Book Four of the Tropical Temptations series
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication Date: November 13, 2017
Rating: 4 stars
Source: eARC from NetGalley

Summary (from Goodreads):

A five figure fee. A private villa at an exclusive tropical paradise. Absolute compliance. 

Top tier celebrity trainer Luke McLean demands all of the above, plus strict adherence to his zero bullshit policy. Especially when faced with six short weeks to whip a spoiled starlet into leading lady shape.

Quinn Sheridan suddenly has half the time she anticipated to turn herself into an action hero for the role of her career. Luckily, her agent calls in a secret weapon, but the demanding, drop dead gorgeous hardass fails to understand SHE’S the client. She has no problem taking direction, but Luke’s definition of cooperation feels more like complete and utter submission. And she’s tempted to give it to him...

What I Liked:

I love Samanthe Beck's books. She always has me coming back, no matter what the book is about. I rarely read the synopses of her books anymore - because I don't need to. She always writes books with interesting professions, complex characters, and steamy, shippy romances. Dirty Games is no exception. On top of the sexy times, the awesome characters, and the riveting plot, this book was really sweet. 

Quinn Sheridan is an actress, and her next role demands a fit, in-shape heroine. Too bad Quinn is only just recovered from an injury, and during that time, she indulged a little too much and lost some of her muscle mass. Her agent calls in the big guns, Luke McLean. Luke is a no-nonsense fitness trainer who lays down the law and takes charge. Quinn may not like the rigorous training, but she doesn't mind being at his mercy. He doesn't mess around with actresses, but will Quinn be the exception?

Luke is the ideal kind of alpha male that I love - aggressive, commanding, and dominant, BUT also considerate, intuitive, and sweet underneath. He cares a lot about his work, and his clients. He owns a fitness company and makes it his goal to help every client become healthier and achieve their own goals. I'd never read a book with a fitness instructor as the protagonist, and so it was neat to read about. I could tell Beck did her research, because there were a lot of specifics in terms of fitness and training that were detailed in the book. Beck always chooses really interesting professions for her characters. In one of her previous books, the female protagonist is a glass blower!

Quinn is an actress; I'm going to be honest - I usually dislike books featuring actors or actresses, and I usually dislike the actor/actress. But I really liked Quinn! She isn't high-maintenance or irritating or privileged or high-strung. She's assertive and independent, and she is very motivated (for various reasons). I liked her determination and her willingness to admit weaknesses and mistakes. She was very open even when she was trying to hide her feelings from Luke.

The pair really worked as a couple! Luke with his brooding, no-nonsense aggressive self, and Quinn, with her teasing, assertive self. Their personalities fit together and their attitudes clicked. I love it when characters fit. In terms of the romance, they really REALLY fit. The chemistry is seriously off the charts! Beck always writes fairly steamy books.

But what I really liked about the romance was how sweet it was. These two don't hit it off at first, so it's kind of an enemies-to-lovers romance. Eventually Quinn starts to trust Luke and it is the sweetest thing to watch! He handles her so gently, a contrast to his rigorous fitness training for her. This book was filled with sweet moments that made my heart happy.

This book didn't have a ton of drama, though of course there was the inevitable drama at the climax of the book. But even that wasn't bad; it was a mild miscommunication, and I LOVE that Quinn knew she messed up and reached out to Luke to apologize. It wasn't him that was groveling and apologizing - it was her. WIN! She messed up and she owned it. 

I really enjoyed this book. It wasn't Beck's hottest book, but it was one of her sweetest and most satisfying romances. I haven't read any of the other books in the series but I can safely say that this one is amazing!

What I Did Not Like:

Hmmm, the only thing that I can think of is that I expected a little more heat from a Beck book! Don't get me wrong, there were steamy times in the book. But perhaps I expected a tiny bit more? Especially given the plot setup (fitness instructor... private sessions... gym... you get the idea).

Would I Recommend It:

Honestly I'd recommend any of Beck's books! She has so many great books with Brazen, especially her Compromise Me series. This book (Dirty Games) is fantastic! I definitely recommend it. Adult romance readers, you should stock up on Beck's books! They are quick, steamy, satisfying reads that will make you smile and occasionally giggle. 


4 stars. This book was great! I can always count on Beck to deliver a wonderful story. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

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  1. Whew, yes! This does sound great. I confess I'm weary of the drama that comes from the inevitable blow up near the end, but neat that it was handled so maturely with the person who did wrong doing the apologizing. I wouldn't normally go for an actress heroine story either, but this sounds really good.

    Great review, Alyssa! TGIF!!!

  2. Luke sounds great and Quinn sounds like she is just is a good fit for him too. Great review!

  3. This one sounds great. I need to check out Beck! I love that it went from enemies to lovers I love that format! Great review!

  4. So glad you enjoyed this book sweetie :D Yay for enjoying the girl too, haha. <3 The plot sounds pretty exciting :) And yay for sweet romance. But aw, always wishing for more swoon, haha ;)

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