Friday, March 23, 2018

My Favorite Adult Books: Alphabet Style!

Hey friends! Today is another day in which I didn't feel like writing/posting a review, but did feel like posting something... so I'm doing another favorites post! You can check out my favorite Jane-Austen-Inspired YA books HERE, favorite YA foreign editions posts HERE, favorite YA books (alphabet style) HERE, favorite YA books with one-word titles HERE, and favorite swoons from YA books HERE.

Here are some of my favorite adult books, based on the first letter of the title! One per letter of the alphabet. Ready?

Note: this isn't a definitive list! Some letters, like "T", have a lot of titles and a lot of favorites.

Animal Attraction (Hot in Hollywood, #2)

Animal Attraction by Katee Robert

Beautiful Lawman by Sophie Jordan

Compromising Her Position by Samanthe Beck

Destined for a King by Ashlyn Macnamara

Even the Score by Kate Meader

Forbidden Promises by Katee Robert

Gentlemen Prefer Mischief by Emily Greenwood

Highland Spitfire by Mary Wine

It Started with a Scandal by Julie Anne Long

(I have no "J" favorites! On to K...)
(I have no "K" favorites! On to L...)

Love and Other Scandals by Caroline Linden

Mine by HelenKay Dimon

Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, #2)

Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt

Outlaw: The Complete Novel (Harrison Street Crew #2)

Outlaw by Katana Collins

Private Practice by Samanthe Beck

(I have no "Q" favorites! On to R...)

Rough Rhythm by Tessa Bailey

Sins of a Wicked Princess by Anna Randol

Time Served by Julianna Keyes

Under the Wire by HelenKay Dimon

(I have no "V" favorites! On to W...)

When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare

(I have no "X" favorites! On to Y...)
(I have no "Y" favorites! On to Z...)

Zero Hour by Megan Erickson

As you can see, I need J, K, Q, V, X, and Y recommendations! There are a few books that start with "The" (like The Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane) that would technically count, but I'd prefer a genuine alphabet (and not library style). If you have any recommendations (regardless of the letter), send them my way!


  1. These are all books I haven't read yet but I especially want to read the historical romances you featured. I've loved previous HR books you recommended to me so I don't think I can go wrong with them. :D

  2. Lately all I've been feeling like reading is Adult books, so I absolutely love this post Alyssa, Katee Robert is still one author whose books I need to check out, but I will also be looking into the rest of your recommendations too!

  3. YES to When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare! And this is a fun little challenge :) I like!

  4. Yay for awesome list :D Best of luck finding books that start with those letters too ;) And yay for having so many favorite adult books. <3 They are still not really for me, haha.. only by authors that I love :D

  5. This is a fun post! There are SO many books you listed that are on my TBR so thats exciting!

  6. What a great topic idea! I enjoyed Forbidden Promises by Katee Robert I am glad it made the list!

  7. These are all new to me; I need to read Tessa Dare one of these days.


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