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Blog Tour Review: Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium (and Giveaway)

Heart Waves

Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium
Book One of the Heart Waves series
Publisher: KFR Communications
Publication Date: June 1, 2012
Rating: 4 stars
Source: Copy provided by the author

Summary (from Goodreads):

Jenna Kingsley has a gift. She knows things. With a simple touch she can pick up personal information from jewelry or objects. While at a neighbor’s party, a voice mesmerizes her. Jenna is momentarily frozen as a ring is placed in her hand. White electricity surges through her and a dire prediction is made. “It’s like Romeo and Juliet. You’re going to break my heart.”

From the moment they meet Jenna is enchanted and entranced with Reece Walton. She’s thrilled to learn he’s spending the summer two houses away from hers. Every moment they spend together is magical. But she can’t get the prediction out of her mind. As the summer draws to a close and secrets are revealed, can Jenna get past the fear of being left with a broken heart to live in the moment with Reece or will her fear of being hurt fulfill the prophecy?

What I Liked:

I was pleasantly surprised when I finished this book and really liked it! Not that I was going into reading this book thinking that I would not like it, but I didn't expect to like it so much. I liked the characters in this story the most - Reece and Jenna are awesome. Reece is such a sweet guy, but he is also protective and secretive. I love the thoughtful side of him, but the other, "darker" side of him was an interesting twist.

Jenna is a great heroine. She is a combination of tough and passive, and I can understand and empathize with her at many points of the book. I thought her gift was kind of interesting, but I would have liked to see more of it in the book. It really did not play that big of a role in the book, other than drawing her and Reece together. But, I really like Jenna, and I find her a very relatable girl.

The plot will definitely keep readers interested. I thought I had it all figured out, but then something got in the way. Watch out for Tyler - he has a bigger role than we think in this book!

What I Did Not Like:

There was not much that I did not like - maybe a few things that I KNOW I am not supposed to like. For example, Reece and his secrets? Of course I do not like the fact that he is keeping secrets from Jenna. But, everyone has secrets, and I know that Reece does not feel obligated to share them.

I really, really wanted Jenna's gift to be a bigger part of this particular book. The only time we really get to see it in action is at the very beginning, which is how she met Reece. Okay, so you've used your gift once. It is a part of you - shouldn't you be thinking about it more? Or using it more? It is there, and yet it seem like it is not there. But it is!

I also did not like how short this book was. Book length can be a good thing and a not-so-good thing, but in this case, I think it went in favor of not-so-good. I felt like more could have been written in this book, like more scenes between Reece and Jenna before they get together as a couple, and more scenes between Reece and Jenna after they get together as a couple. This did not bother me too much, but I am really used to long books. 

Would I Recommend It:

Yes indeed! I was captivated by the premise - the Romeo and Juliet reference - and definitely ha to know what was going to happen. This book has a very broad reading audience in my opinion - young teens will enjoy this book, but adults will as well.


4 stars. I was very intrigued by the characters, Jenna's abilities, Reece's past, and, well, Tyler! This is definitely a book that will grab your interest.

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