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Interview with Maurissa Guibord, author of Revel (and Giveaway)!


Hello! Recognize that beauty up there? That is Revel, a standalone novel written by the fabulous Maurissa Guibord, also the author Warped, another standalone novel (not associated with Revel). 

Revel came out on February 12, 2013, and I recently have had the pleasure of reviewing Revel and interviewing Mrs. Guibord. Stick around, because at the end there is a giveaway for a signed copy of Revel!

Check out my review of Revel HERE.

The Interview:

Alyssa: Hi, Ms. Guibord! Thank you so much for doing this interview with me! I am so excited to pick apart your brain! I absolutely adored Warped, and when I saw that you had another book hitting the shelves, I was beyond crazy excited! So, How does it feel to be a published author AGAIN?!

It’s wonderful and intimidating too, I really hope that readers will like this story as much as they did Warped!
(trust me, we did! Or, we will!)

How was the publication process different, the second time around?

Well this book was with my same wonderful editor, Michelle Poploff from Random House so I knew a bit more of what to expect with the process of editing and how she works. The level of work, rewriting and anxiety was just the same though. With each new story I have a feeling of jumping off the high dive board- in a skimpy bathing suit- in front of a crowd…

What was something different about writing Revel, in comparison to Warped?

It is different to write a book on a deadline, with a contract. Not bad by any means! Just different. It becomes a commitment to the publisher and the readers to get the job done. It some ways it’s a very good thing- it makes a girl step away from the Netflix queue and get cracking. It also means that someone likes your work and wants more- always a good thing!

Both Warped and Revel have paranormal aspects. Why paranormal?

I always liked the feeling when I was younger, of reading a story and thinking “Yes, that could happen to me!” No matter how strange the events. In fact, the stranger the better! As long as the author helped me to enter that world and believe in it. That’s great story telling and that’s what I aim for.

Do you ever read reviews of your books?

Honestly I try not to read any. I may read a sentence or two to get the gist- then I stop. The good or the bad- both make me uncomfortable. I love to hear that someone enjoyed my book- but to have it analyzed is just painful. Although I have to say- I did read a few criticisms of the first book and realized there were things I could do better. Hopefully that shows in Revel. I want to please readers and to entertain them.

Alyssa: Is there an author (or authors!) that has greatly influenced you and your writing?

Yes, I love the crisp plotting and story telling of Agatha Christie- I’m always amazed by her ability to surprise.

Alyssa: I know that Maine is absolutely beautiful, year-round! The nature there is still much more intact than here in Maryland. What do you do (or would like to do) when you are not writing or editing?

I really enjoy spending time walking along the beach, picking up shells and sea glass and looking out at the water. Especially on a cool, windy day- there is nothing like it to wash away my worries and get my imagination churning.

Alyssa: What’s your least favorite part of the publication process?

That would be the waiting. I was amazed to learn how long it takes to go from a finished, edited manuscript and the book actually appearing. For some folks it can be a year, two years, even longer!

Alyssa: As of right now, are both Revel and Warped standalone novels? 

Yes, both are standalones.

What are you currently writing? 

It involves a girl travelling to the underworld, to Tartarus, and trying to solve a mystery. Like my other books it takes a story from mythology and twists it around a bit. Unlike my other books though- it is very much a mystery- a case of whodunit .There’s also a hint of romance and humor- because you know, I can’t live without those!

A few non-book-related questions…

Alyssa: What’s one of the most embarrassing things you've done in college?

Going to a Halloween party dressed as an atom. Yes. Black leotard. Yellow styrofoam electrons swinging from yarn. I think it was a Chlorine atom but I can’t remember why it should have been chlorine. I had to spin around for the full orbit effect, of course. I didn’t have a car so I traveled to the party on the city bus. Oy.

Yes, I was a nerd girl.

If you decided to stop writing, and could get paid to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

I would be involved in the theater, maybe backstage creating sets or helping with makeup or costumes. I love the energy and friendship of theater people.

Alyssa: What is your favorite thing about living in Maine!

Lobster rolls!

Alyssa: Thank you so much for being here! And good luck with your current projects :)

The Giveaway:

Maurissa is all sorts of awesome, and has sent me a SIGNED copy of Revel to give away! Here are the rules:

- US ONLY (sorry to all the international folks!)

- There will be ONE winner

- You must be 18 years old or older, or at least 13 years old with a parent or guardian's permission (I didn't know this, and it makes sense, but it's illegal to take addresses from minors under the age of 13 years old)

- Winner must respond to the email within 48 hours. Failure to do so will result in me choosing another winner

- Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget below


Good luck! :)


  1. Great interview ladies. I haven't read her books. I believe in paranormal (ghost) activity, but I can understand why some people might believe they had paranormal experiences. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Great interview. That is funny about dressing as an atom.

  3. I haven't read Warped or Revel but Revel is definitely going on by Goodreads TBR list. The Paranormal genre attracts me because I think there's more going on in the world than we know.

    Maurissa, I'm curious to know what you're watching on Netflix! (Also, you are so right about theatre! It is great. I'm currently directing a play at the university I work at and it's an incredible experience. Love it!)

  4. Paranormal reading to me is like you know certain dont exist (maybe so) and i like to read about them..it holds my interest in books so i dont get bored and my mind starts to wander.. I havent read Warped or Revel but would love too!!
    That was a great interview with good questions!! Iwould love to go to maine- for the scenery and seafood!! I bet its breathtaking!! I found it interesting to see how long thier waiting process is- that long sounds crucial..
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. Love the Halloween costume of being an atom! So Big Bang Theory! :)

    I've read Warped and really enjoyed it! Can't wait to read Revel!


  6. Hooray for cold windy beaches! I loved Maine when I visited - it's one of the reasons I'm eager to read this book. I haven't read Warped yet but I shall look into it.

    I enjoy the paranormal genre, I guess because strangely it feels more real to me. It's just more natural to read about the paranormal than just regular old books. They make me incredibly happy to enter supernatural worlds.

  7. I love the what ifs that paranormals address.

  8. I learned that we both love the beaches of New England! ;) I also like that Maurissa embraces her nerdiness (ex. college costume story). Nerd fighters for the win!

  9. The waiting must be one of the hardest things when becoming a published author! I know that it would be for me, as I'm incredibly impatient! :P Thanks for sharing the interview!

  10. I love going to the beach too! I love it when its cold or hot :D

  11. Maurissa, love to hear that you enjoy Agatha Christe. I always thought her books were excellent!! The chlorine atom story is cute and I totally get it as a fellow nerd girl!!! I'll definitely read Revel. I love mystery, romance, and mythology. Great combo!!


  12. Marissa!! It's totally awesome that your next book is going to be based on greek mythology-- I'm totally going to die waiting for it! Fab interview, girls! Thank you for the giveaway too. (:

  13. Very well done -- interested in being a member of a great crew of blog hosts for tours? I happen to run one :)
    You have just the qualities I am looking for. Drop me a note.

  14. I have not read either...My daughter really likes these types of books. I would love to win for her!!

  15. Great interview! I've read Revel, but I haven't gotten the chance to read Warped. Another book to add to my TBR list! :)

    Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

  16. Nice interview! I haven't read her books, but would like to.

  17. Awesome interview! I learned how awesome Maurissa Guibord is! and that she think that the paranormal can really happen! I love that and I learned about a great new author!

  18. Hey, love the blog! Feel free to come over to my blog and enter my rafflecopter giveaway, post your giveaway on the giveaway and blog hops page and add your blog to the "reviewers" list! http://hidethematches.com

  19. I haven't read either of these books yet but hope to check them out! Great interview! thanks for the chance to win!

  20. I love imaging a new world to live in to the point of it being a reality in my mind. It's a lot of fun to get lost in another world. I also like the idea of making up new rules for a world and seeing how that will affect everything else.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  21. I like my entertainment to be an escape, so I want it to be at least somewhat unrealistic--PNR is perfect.

  22. I read Warped a good while back, and I still remember the story and how much I loved it. I look all of the time to see if a possible sequel is in the works. I know, it is unlikely, but a girl can hope!! Revels cover is beautiful, by the way! I love that the author is a NERD. Makes me happy to read a book from a fellow nerd. I love paranormal.... just because! It is one of my favorite types of story. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  23. I haven't read either book yet, but I really want to. I totally love that she cited Agatha Christie. I agree she is a fantastic author. As far as what I like about paranormal, I like imagining things that could be, but I know are not.

  24. Hahaha I love Agatha Christie as well! And that story of the atom costume had me giggling. And I LOVE the fact that she's into theatre– I am too, and I LOVE backstage work, no matter how stressful it can get. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!! :D


  25. We share a common interest in Agatha Christie! She is awesome =D

  26. I have not read it but would like to

  27. I love the nerdy Halloween Costume,my former boyfriend and some of his frat mates all dressed as ones and zeros for a party when lined up it told a joke! I haven't read either book but I hope to fix that, I love books with Mythological twists in them. My favorite thing about Paranormals is the possibility that it could be real! :)

  28. This book looks SO FABULOUS!! I didn't know Marissa had another book, but as soon as I read this post last night, Alyssa, and your raving about Warped, I looked it up at my library. They have it and I'm going to check it out tomorrow! I love sci-fi and paranormal reads, so both of these books sound like great reads for me!

    Marissa, I can't wait to tell my husband about your **chlorine atom Halloween costume**!! He's a PhD chemist and possibly one of the few people who can appreciate your genius - and bravery, hee hee! - in wearing that costume! Ahh, thinking back on those things we did in college....sometimes - okay, quite often (especially now that I have a child) - I wonder, what the HELL was I thinking?!?! :D I love that story, thanks for sharing. I can't wait to read both of your books!

    1. My apologies on spelling your name wrong, Maurissa. No excuse!! Sorry.

  29. Love the interview. .I love that Agatha Christie influences her writing. I've only read And ghen There Were None, but that book packed a lot of suspense.

  30. I haven't read either book yet. I totally agree on the lobster rolls in Maine! I love the paranormal fantasy genre because there is an unlimited amount of new worlds that are created!

    -Jen Haile

  31. She says she was a nerd girl in college...dressed up as an atom for Halloween, hehe.

    I haven't read either book but I am obsessed with fantasy, and paranormal. So I can't wait!

  32. I haven't read either book, yet! What I love about paranormal is that it gives you an escape from your own life and lets you escape into another world.

  33. I have not read either book, but I did see a wonderful review on Revel the other day that really sparked my interest! Thank you so much! Best of wishes


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