Sunday, September 9, 2018

Science in Fiction (#44): Afterimage by Naomi Hughes & Echoes by Alice Reeds

Welcome to this month's Science in Fiction feature! Science in Fiction is a meme I created to showcase the wonderful aspects of science in Young Adult fiction novels. For more information and previous feature, check out the "Science in Fiction" tag!

This month, I'm featuring several upcoming/new YA science fiction books!

Afterimage  Echoes

I have not read either of these, but both sound excellent. Afterimage is about a girl who is the sole survivor in her city, after multiple explosions level the city. What happens when the only person you can turn to is a transparent boy - who could be her imagination, or a ghost? There is some space/time continuum science to this book, so you can expect some Doctor-Who-like vibes in this book.  

Echoes is a story of two teenagers who wake up on a deserted island together. They have no concept of how they got there, or where they are. They were both selected to intern with a company based in Germany, and they were on the private jet going to Germany when the plane crashed. This is a survival story with a science fiction foundation within the big twist of the story. I've not read this one so I don't know much about the science-y aspect, but it sounds like it is very cool!

I'm giving away a copy of Afterimage - you can check out that giveaway HERE!

This year has been somewhat scant on science fiction novels, it seems! I have not read either of these two so I can't speak on the science within the stories. But I wanted to highlight these stories anyway because they are marketed as good YA science fiction novels, and YA lit always needs more of those. I will be checking out Echoes for sure, because it is also supposed to have an excellent romance!


  1. Oh I'm all for Doctor-Who-like vibes so I'm definitely gonna need to look into Afterimagine. Echoes sounds equally amazing though. I haven't read many survival stories that deal with people ending up on a deserted island but I love them so much. I love science fiction novels but haven't read many this year, I think I read a lot more last year. Not sure what happened.

  2. Echoes is so twisty with great technology interwoven. Fun ride inside this book.

  3. I hadn't heard of either of these, but I feel the same way about wanting more YA sci-fi. I'm leaning toward you desert island survivor story, too.

  4. These both sound really good, I think I'd definitely read After Image😊

  5. Ohh, I haven't heard about any of these, ahh. But they do look so great :D I hope you will love them a bunch if you read them lovely. <3 I have read so little sci-fi books.. sigh. Hoping to read more of them one day :)


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